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Serac Beginnings

Serac has been making filling machines for over 45 years and the very first machine we manufactured was a weight filling machine. The decision to choose weight fill technology from the very beginning was made for several very important reasons. It was the only technology that gave a true and accurate measurement of the actual product that was inside the container. In addition, weight filling is not affected by temperature or aeration. These are two factors that will influence the accuracy of other types of filling systems.

Therefore, by choosing weight filling technology from the very beginning we chose accuracy as the benchmark that we built our company upon.

Since that time, Serac has continually been evolving and improving our weight filling systems and today our net weight fillers reach an accuracy of 3 sigma.

This translates into filling a 1000 gram container within 1 gram in other words 99.9% of containers filled are within 3 sigma. To take it a step further, when compared to other filling technologies, Serac Net Weight Filling substantially reduces product waste by a large percentage.

The bottom line is that we manufacture our machines based on Net Weight Filling technology because we believe it is the best solution in almost all filling situations.