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In-House Bottle Manufacturing 

Serac has developed a Stretech Blow Molding solution for those seeking the ability to manufacture PET bottls in-house. The Serac Blow Linear (SBL) series of PET blow molding machines are the obvious solution for medium-size bottle fillers who want to keep control of their transporting and storing costs while optimizing the quality of their bottles.

A Wide Range of Formats

Up to 18000 PET bottles per hour (500 ML)

Serac blow molding machines are designed to produce formats ranging from very large, such as 5 liters edible oil containers, to as small as 50 ml for samples or premium products.

The output rate is up to 18000 bottles per hour, which brings new opportunities to manufacturers of high added value liquid products or medium size batches.


Two Models To Choose From


Model of the SBLBottle maximum diameter (mm)50-500ml750ml1L1.5-2L3L5L
SBL8 55 14400 Bph          
SBL6 70 10800 Bph 10800Bph        
SBL5 88 9000 Bph 9000 Bph 8000 Bph      
SBL4 116 7200 Bph 6400 Bph 6400 Bph 6000 Bph    
SBL3 175 5400 Bph 4800 Bph 4800 Bph 4500 Bph 3900Bph 3600 Bph

Bph: Bottles per hour


Model of the SBL SLBottle maximum diameter (mm)50-500ml750ml1L1.5-2L3L5L
SBL SL12 60 18000Bph          
SBL SL10 70 15000 Bph 15000 Bph        
SBL SL8 90 12000 Bph 12000 Bph 12000 Bph      
SBL SL6 130 9000 Bph 9000 Bph 9000 Bph 9000 Bph    
SBL SL4 175 6000 Bph 6000 Bph 6000 Bph 6000 Bph 5200 Bph 4800 Bph

Bph: Bottles per hour

Operator Friendly


High visibility, easy access

The electrical cabinet is embedded on the machine. Direct access to the electrical cabinet with no rewiring during installation.
The Human machine interface uses a touch screen B&R PLC centrally located at hand level on the machine. Operator interface within the operator’s immediate reach.
Feeding, heating, stretching and blowing operations performed at eye level. Total visibility of the bottle process.
Access to internal parts of the machine is simplified with wide sliding doors. Operators circulate freely around the machine. 


Quick, easy, effortless

Mold accessible at the front of the machine. Mold changeover can be completed in 10 minutes.
Main motion components do not require mechanical adjustments. Plug & play.
Extensive use of brushless technology. Most operations are handled from the HML.
Quick changeover parts for spindle nozzles. Neck changeover can be completed in 15 minutes.


Reliable and Safe Transfers

No jam, no bottle drop, no scratches

From infeed to exit, only few transfer points are necessary.

  1. Preforms infeed rail with gravity chute.
  2. Preforms infeed star wheel for pitch adjustment and deducting module (option).
  3. Preforms are gripped with spindle nozzles for transfer to the oven.
  4. Preforms are transferred to the molds and contained inside the pressing unit.
  5. Finished bottles are transferred out of the blow molding unit (interface with Serac filler, interface to air-conveyor, table-top conveyor or bulk discharge.)



  • Total visibility of the process and easy access all around the machine

Dynamic Changeover

  • Quick changeover complete within 10 minutes

Plug and Play

  • Designed to minimize mechanical adjustments
  • No physical adjustments on motion components 

Perfect Control

  • Fully equipped with brushless motors 
  • Each motor can be controlled independently through the HMI




Preferential Heating

Available for Oval Bottles & Complex Shapes

  • The reasons to apply preferential heating
    • Better material distribution
    • Homogeneity of the thickness
    • The preferential heating option is needed when the ratio between the large and the small sides of the container is greater than 2. Length (L)/width(W)