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Serac Inc has it's FC Filler Capper machine on-site at the show.  The machine aims for extreme precision in its fill, and while many machines aim at a three sigma precision limit, this machine attains one sigma. Now, this level of precision might not be necessary if the overfill were an inexpensive liquid, like water. But for expensive products, like motor oil, perfume, milk, or anything else that has a lot of processing tied up in it prior to reaching the filler/capper, that's a different story.

"We pride ourselves on this precision, and a lot of times return on investment can be less than a year just by product giveaway savings," says Alan Bonanno, Marketing Manager, Serac Group.  "And that doesn't just apply to the North American or European market, that applies here too.  If we can save an end user one or two grams per bottle, and they're doing 300 containers a minute, that adds up wherever you are"

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Packaging World Article July 2018