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Maintenance contract

Planning annual maintenance helps reduce the risk of unexpected costs for your filling machine. A maintenance contract with Serac will allow you to take control of your budget, allowing your team to account for maintenance needs ahead of time.  

We offer a dedicated team of professionals trained to prevent or resolve problems with your equipment.

Our maintenance contract provides the following:Filling Machine Maintenance Contract

  • Regular Audits
  • Detailed Reports
  • Valuable Advice
  • Optimization

To learn more about our maintenance contracts, please request service from Serac today.

Service Packages

Service Packages can be added to our maintenance contracts providing additional savings.

Features of the program include:

  • Hourly packages designed to reduce maintenance rates and overall maintenance costs. 
  • Service Packages offer the advantage of spreading the cost of maintenance over the entire year.
  • Optimize operating efficiency with scheduled equipment maintenance throughout the year.

Request service from Serac  to learn more about our Service Packages program.