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We Build Liquid Filling Machines Based on Your Needs.  

At Serac, we don’t use the cookie cutter approach and make a one size fits all solution.  Although our liquid fillers use standardized parts and follow best practices for design and manufacture, we build each machine to the best and optimal solution based on our customer’s needs.

In order to find the best machine for your needs, consider the following product characteristics:

The Product:

What is the viscosity?  The foaming characteristics?  The chemical composition.  Aggressiveness - Is it corrosive? What is the Homogeneity? What is the density?  Are there chunks? Is this a food product or a Non-Food product?


Where is the machine going to be located?  What type of environment is necessary inside of the machine? Is there a need for an Explosive Proof environment?  What types of cleaning and maintenance processes are required?

Capping Characteristics:

What type of cap is required?  Screw-on, Push-on? Is the cap a pistol grip or a pump operation?  Does it require Heat Sealing, Induction Heating, Crimping for metal or Aluminum Cap?  Does it require Special treatment?

The Container:

What is the form?  The Overall dimensions, The base dimension?  The stability of the container.  What is the container material? What is the rigidity of the container?   Is it glass, metal, plastic, cardboard? What is the volume or weight to be filled? The inside neck diameter?  What is the outside neck diameter? Does it need trimming? Cleaning? Special treatment?

Work Rate:

What are the production needs?  What production rate is needed?  Is there an instantaneous rate?  What is the annual production rate?


Potentially one of the most important factors.  What level of accuracy is needed?  One Standard Deviation?  Two Standard Deviations?  3 Standard Deviations? 

Each of these choices needs to be considered individually and collectively because all the pieces are linked and each one has an influence on the entire filling operation. One incorrect choice may affect the outcome of the final product. These choices will determine run time, maintenance, hygiene, shelf life, cost and much more.

Now that we understand the requirements we can begin to design the right machine that will yield the ideal solution.

Whatever the need, Serac has the knowledge & expertise to get the job done.
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