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Serac Level Filling Solution

Serac has been deploying filling and capping machines since 1969 and our goals have always been very simple: Reliability, Durability and Accuracy. Today our standards are no different, we continue to meet and exceed these goals as we manufacture extremely accurate, durable and reliable filling machines. As a leading manufacturer of Filling and Capping machines for all types of products, Serac is dedicated to providing the best possible solution for your packaging needs.

As a pioneer in weight filling technology, Serac realized the market needed a cost effective level filling machine. The current technology employing weight filling was a very effective system but the cost per bottle needed to be reduced. This led to the development of the Serac Level Filling machine, a cost effective solution that reduces filling time.

The Problem

The main issues causing problems in the beverage industry continue to be the following:

  • Cross Contamination
  • Flow Control
  • Container/Bottle Damage
  • Change-Over Time & Cost

The Serac Solution

As a company with over 40 years of experience in the filling and capping industry, we were determined to design a machine that would not only address and solve these issues but also increase productivity. The new Serac design has improved the process and offers the following solutions:

  • Minimize Cross Contamination with New Machine Design 
  • Increase Fill Rate with development of New Nozzle 
  • Reduce Bottle Damage by Repairing Dented Bottles
  • Flexible Design allows for Wide Range of Containers
  • Fast Change-Over and Reduced Down-Time

New Valve Design

Eliminating cross contamination is a major problem in the beverage industry. A traditional level filling machine allows air from the bottle back through the valve into the filling tank bringing any contaminants in the bottle back into the tank.

However, with the new Serac Filling Nozzle, cross contamination is all but eliminated. Our system diverts the air from the bottle back into the atmosphere and not into the tank so there is no contact with the liquid going into the bottles.

Another source of contamination can come from the valve seals. The typical level filling machine uses rubber O-Ring friction seals that will produce rubber particulates which will find their way into the product and cause product contamination. The Serac valve design employs a Non-Friction Dynamic Seal which operates flawlessly without contaminating the product. The ball valve is operated magnetically without the need for a rubber O-Ring. No Rubber, No Contaminants.

Our solution also employees a constant 5 psi pressure during the filling operation which results in an increase in flow rate with the added benefit of no collapsing of the bottle and, in some cases, actual repair of dented bottles.



New Valve Design (Patented)


  • Accurate Dosing
  • 5 psi Pressure
  • Increase Flow Rate


  • Saves Product
  • Increase Fill Rate
  • No Bottle Collapse

Neck Transfer

Serac’s patented Neck Transfer System requires less tooling than conventional systems. Faster tool change-over translates into reduced set up time, increasing production time while reducing maintenance costs thereby saving both time and money.

The Universal Gripper is an integral piece of our neck transfer system. Due to its innovative design, it allows for savings with initial tooling costs and the cost associated with additional tooling for different bottle sizes and shapes. With the Serac Universal Gripper there is no need for additional tooling during bottle change-over. The flexible design is able to accommodate a wide range of bottle and container sizes and shapes.

Universal Gripper (Patented)

  • Neck transfer mechanism compatible with wide range of neck diameters
  • Innovative Gripper Design detects  no container situations - eliminating need for expensive electronic sensors
  • Gripper works with different shapes and sizes
  • No Tooling for Infeed Starwheel
  • No Tooling for Filling Turret

Tankless Machine

Why eliminate the tank?  The tank is a source of contamination.  Air particles can wind up in the tank and contaminate the liquid.  Our system is a direct feed into the filling valves which means no air comes into contact with the liquid. The liquid goes into the bottle without contact from the air, greatly reducing the possibility of contamination.

The no tank solution will also allow for faster product change over, making clean up a simple task. No tank means minimal use of water during CIP.  No tank also means fewer components to clean, maintain or repair, saving your company valuable resources and reducing maintenance costs.

No Tank


  • Quick Product Change-Over due to no bowl
  • Minimal Water Usage during CIP
  • Less Components for CIP – a single line connection, no spray head, no level control
  • One connection/tube for filling with a mechanical (ceramic) rotary seal. The Dynamic seal is metal on metal with the rotating ceramic seal, less wear and reduced contamination, increased durability


  • Faster Cleanup
  • Shorter CIP
  • Less Downtime
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Water Savings
  • Reduced Staff Hours
  • Reduced Equipment Maintenance
  • Reduction in Contamination
  • Increased Reliability
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Reduced Cost to Maintain


Simple Valve Clean Operation


  • Operate with a Simple Flip of a Rocker Level



  • Increased Production Time
  • Faster Clean Up
  • Reduced Down Time, Reduced Setup Time
  • Reduced Waste at end of Production Cycles




Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right equipment for your packaging needs can be a daunting task. There are many factors that need to be considered when selecting the optimal solution. Serac has been designing and building filling and capping equipment for over 45 years and we have the experience and the know how to design and build a machine specifically for your needs.

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