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Industrial Business

The industrial market place encompasses a wide range of products that can range from Agrochemical to Window Cleaner. These divergent product lines translate into a wide range of product characteristics and an extensive variety of container sizes and shapes. The diversity of the industrial sector can be a challenge for many liquid filling systems on the market today. These businesses requires a versatile, accurate and quality built machine to withstand the rigors for this tough segment.

Serac Filler Ideal for Industrial Applications

Serac has many years of knowledge and experience in the Industrial market and has been continually evolving, improving and innovating our expertise and technical know-how. The Serac Net Weight Fillers are an ideal solution for this industry because of their ability to handle many different types of products and containers. Serac systems thrive under many of the environments and conditions you would typically find in an industrial setting. Our machines are designed to withstand fluctuating temperatures, product aeration, foamy products, viscous products and more.

Some of the industries we serve include Agrochemical, Lube OilPaints / Inks, corrosive liquids, explosion-proof, Anti-Freeze, Solvent, Window Cleaner, and Break Fluid.

For packaging dangerous goods such as flammable, explosive or corrosive liquid, we design specific equipment to protect your operators, the environment and your end-consumers.

Whether you need a complete packaging line from standard high volume products or for small batches of different products, our experience in modular packaging lines means we adapt to meet your individual needs.

Filling- capping equipment for industrial applications
Serac Rotary: filler-capper for corrosive products
Compact Fillers: mono-operator filler-capper
Rotary paint filler-capper
Inline Paint filler

  • Lubricants
  • Windscreen cleaners
  • Anti-freezes
  • Glues
  • Agrochemicals
  • Jerricans
  • Solvents, thinners
  • Plastic or metal Paint palls