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What is Weight Filling Technology?

A basic weight filling machine is comprised of at least one filling station and can be configured to as many as 96 stations or more. The container to be filled is placed in the filling station.  Each station is equipped with a nozzle through which the product flows and a weight detector (weighing scale). 

After opening the nozzle, the liquid flows into the container and the weight increases on the platform of the weighing scale.  When a certain pre-defined weight is attained the nozzle closes.




  1. The container orders the opening of the nozzle
  2. The weight increases during the filling operation
  3. When the target weight is reached the nozzle closes
  4. A small quantity of product flows out after the nozzle closes. The quantity needs to be taken into consideration for the final fill weight.

The essential component for a successful weight filling solution is a constant flow from the nozzle into the container. This will be achieved by the force of gravity or it may require the assistance of a pressurized tank.


Why a Net Weight Filling Machine?

Serac designed and developed the net weight filling technology that is used on our filling machines. Net weight fillers are very versatile systems that can handle many different types of products and containers. Net weight filling is the only technology which controls the amount of product dispensed into the container and therefore gives an accurate measurement of what is actually inside the bottle.

There are many advantages to using this technology. Aerated products do not affect the accuracy of net weight filling, neither does temperature, viscosity or foaming. Therefore our customers are able to fill a variety of products with very different characteristics.

Another advantage of the Serac net weight filling machines is elimination of overflowing. The amount of product dispensed into the container is a precise amount which means there will be no overfilling, no under filling or product overflow.

This not only saves money by virtually eliminating product waste but it also reduces maintenance expenses associated with cleaning the machine and the area surrounding the machine. This aspect will also help many companies in their sustainability efforts.

The bottom line is Serac machines are very versatile and flexible making them able to deal with many types of filling situation.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right equipment for your packaging needs can be a daunting task. There are many factors that need to be considered when selecting the optimal solution. Serac has been designing and building filling and capping equipment for over 45 years and we have the experience and the know how to design and build a machine specifically for your needs.

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