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Filling Components

To maximize filling efficiency it is important to choose the right components to work in harmony with the system and the product being filled.  Over time we’ve learned there are many attributes that will affect a machine’s precision. Our engineers, designers and technicians work to understand the needs and priorities of our customer and use this information to select and design the optimal solution balancing function and form.  This is why we believe Serac filling systems will meet and exceed expectations.

The definition of a weight filling machine begins with a filling station equipped with a nozzle and a scale.  The scale records the weight of the product and the nozzle allows the product to flow into the container. When configured correctly these two components will work together to produce a consistently high speed output.


The scale is a very important part of the filling station. It ensures an accurate and precise measurement of the weight during the filling cycle. Serac uses the most sensitive scales available for this vital step. The filling weight is continually monitored at each filling station and sent to a microprocessor which determines when the target weight has been achieved. The system measures the weight not only during the filling cycle but also before and after each cycle. 

Furthermore, the data undergoes statistical and performance analysis at each filling station for the entire machine. Producing real time analytical data for standard deviation, average, traceability, quantities produced, stoppages, defects, number of batches, product reference, etc. 

Scale Configurations

Serac currently has two types of scale configurations in production.  The traditional body handling configuration where the scale is located under the platform. The second type is the neck handling configuration where the scale is attached to the neck grippers. The neck grippers securely hold the container and are able to handle neck diameters ranging from 25mm to 60mm.

Nozzle Assembly

The nozzle is another crucial component of the filling station that is critical in achieving a successful and precise result. If the nozzle does not perform in the manner demanded by the product then the entire operation will be effected and the expected results will not be met. It is essential that the right nozzle is available and matches the requirements of the product being filled.

Serac has designed and manufactured a variety of nozzles to meet the needs of the many different products and containers on the market today. Determining the right valve for each filling application requires an understanding of the desired end result and involves a detailed dialogue between the customer and the development team.

Represented below are several nozzle assemblies able to solve varied filling requirements. Depending on the application the product will usually flow under the force of gravity. And depending on the product characteristics, the valve end can be adapted to ensure closing without splashing or droplets.

Serac Filling Assembly

The traditional Serac filling assembly consists of the following attributes

  • Reliable and Accurate filling throughout the filling cycle
  • Depending on the application the assembly may be controlled pneumatically using air pressure to actuate the valve assembly or electrically.
  • Single moving part in contact with product reducing maintenance time and cost.
  • Metal closures without seals reduce risk of contamination
  • Product Laminar Flow for clean filling
  • No Splash or drip
  • No contact between nozzle and container also reduces contamination risk
  • Resistant to ventilation
  • Resistant to product temperature differences
  • Net weight filling does not generate vibration which would interfere with the scales and thus impede the accuracy

The valve is controlled by a cylinder placed next to the tank and controlled by tappets.

Serac Intelligent Filling Nozzle

Serac designed and developed the Multiflow an intelligent filling nozzle for Aseptic and Ultra-Clean filling.  The Multiflow is monitored by an electronic board and uses a Serac conceived algorithm which calculates an optimal filling cycle.  This cycle is not a linear progression but rather a complex curve that is defined by the product to be filled.  Once the parameters are entered into the system all the filling nozzles are automatically adjusted to the ideal filling dosage.

  • Electric control – the valve movement is controlled with an electromagnet
  • Precise filling of foamy and non-foamy products using electronic modulation for the opening and closing speeds
  • Handles a variety of product types including Viscous, sensitive or aerated products
  • Automatic product change-over without manual intervention
  • Easy Sanitation with closed loop system
  • Reduced change-over time
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right equipment for your packaging needs can be a daunting task. There are many factors that need to be considered when selecting the optimal solution. Serac has been designing and building filling and capping equipment for over 45 years and we have the experience and the know how to design and build a machine specifically for your needs.

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