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Blow Fill & Cap

From preform to filled bottle

How can you make a stand-alone blow molder better?  Add a Filler/Capper to make a combined system with a small foot print that is able to offer a coupled solution for short term production runs that require fast changeover for multiple SKU companies.  

Smart integration with our fillers

For several years now, the gap between packaging manufacturing and filling has been diminishing.

With 45 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing filling machines, we ought to provide you with the capability to integrate the SBL blower with our rage of fillers-cappers.

The COMBOX series (blow-fill-cap) is ideally suited for high value added products and low/medium size batches: no over-sizing, no over-investment.

Benefits From Integrated Systems

  • Lower cost, higher quality, and reduced footprint
  • Lower investment: no silos, unscramble, air conveyor
  • Labor cost saving: with only 1 operator for 2 machines
  • Material cost savings: bottles weight can be reduced as bottles transportation is not required
  • Improved hygiene: less risks of dust present in the bottles, hygienic level of the bottle is naturally insured by PET preform heating and direct transfer to the filler
  • Reduced footprint: the Combox offers compact solutions without the need for additional equipment such as bottle palletizer, bottle unscramble, air conveyor
  • Integrated systems incorporating blowing, filling and capping are growing in popularity as they offer valuable benefits


High Reliability and Efficiency

Production start-up

Since blowing machines only run at a constant production rate, a special filling mode is used on the filler-capper to ensure it adjusts quickly to the blower output.

A unique and patented transfer system converts the sequential motion of the linear blower into a continuous motion adapted to our rotary fillers.

During production

Bottles enter the filling carousel, are filled, controlled, monitored, validated, capper.

The machine continuously measures the final weight of each bottle, compares with the target weight, automatically adjusting the force fill factor to guarantee a constant performance over time.

End of production

When the order is given to stop producing after a certain amount of bottles, both machines communicate with each other to ensure all remaining pre-forms in the blower are used and properly filled and capped.

COMBOX: the only Monobloc combining the advantages of a linear blower with a rotary weight filler!

Specific transfer system, ideal for light and unsteady packages.

The 100% positive neck transfer system patented by Serac allows making sure that the packagings will move all along the process without ever touching each other which is a must to avoid any damage. Based on a star wheel system that compensates for the difference in pitch between the blowing and filling functions, it allows the direct coupling of SBL blower with any rotary weight filler. That the pitch change system is patenting.

Line Flexibility

  • Freedom of shape design
  • The ability to package lightweight bottles at high speeds
  • Flexible plant layout with up to 25% less floor space compared with traditional standalone equipment
  • Quick and easy changeovers, under 10 minutes

Production Efficiency

  • Total operating costs reduced by 8-12% compared to traditional lines
  • Upwards of 4% greater overall production efficiency and increased production uptime with faster changeovers and maintenance
  • One simple control interface to drive production
  • Just 1 operator to manage blowing, filling and capping
  • Reduced maintenance in addition to more common spare parts


The Serac Combox brings together all the benefits of blowing and filling innovations in an integrated blow-fill-cap solution which delivers outstanding hygiene performance while simultaneously cutting costs.

The Serac Combox is the only integrated solution combining linear blow-molding with weigh filling technology allowing a low/medium output solution at competitive prices.


  • With absence of air conveyor, energy saving is around 10kw/10meters (for a production of 12000 Bph on 1L, saving is around 30kWh).
  • The combox offers compact solutions without additional equipment such as bottle palletizer, bottle unscramble, air conveyor.
  • The bottles are directly transferred from the blower to the filler which reduce the risk of contamination. Flexibility: easy bottle changeover.

Target Applications

Dairy Products
UHT white milks, Flavored Milks, Drinking Yogurts
Combox H2F, Combox SAS5

Edible Oil
Vegetable and Seed Oils, Liquid Margarines, Olive Oils
Combox FC

Home and Personal Care
Surface care, Shampoo, Dishwashing Liquids, Window Cleaners, Sun Care Sprays, Mouth Washes
Combox FC

Aseptic Juices, Teas and other flavored waters, Sports Drinks, Chilled Smoothies
Combox H2F, Combox SAS4

Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Dressings, Vinegars
Combox FC

Combox H2F

Filling valve system

  • Net weight filling: Patented “Up fill” system.
  • 100% positive handling of bottles all along the process ensures better quality.
  • No contact between the filling nozzle and bottleneck. 

CIP manifold system with closed loop

  • A cleaning collector ensures the circulation of the cleaning solutions in a closed loop configuration.
  • Simple and straightforward product and cleaning circuits and without retention zones.
  • Optimization of cleaning cycles.
  • Possibility for filler sanitation with hot water (95 C).
  • No chemical fumes display in filler cabin.

Sterile air generator

  • Filler maintained under ultra-clean environmental conditions.
  • HEPA filtration.
  • Controller air velocity.
  • ISO uni-directional air flow.
  • Air overpressure and high rate of air recycling.

PET Bottles

  • Possible for any shape of round bottle
  • Possible for any color (transparent, white, blue, red…)
  • Wide variety of volumes from 50ml to 5000ml
  • Possibility to process squeezable bottles for thick products
  • For visual differentiation on the retail shelf

Combination Advantages

User Friendly

  • Solid structure in electro-welded steel to reduce vibrations and noise levels
  • Ergonomic design with two sliding doors to provide total visibility and easy access to internal parts.
  • Mounting molds is safe and easy by one operator.
  • Preforms and bottles are ejected and collected in front of the machine, close to the operator, thereby facilitating sampling sequences.
  • Ergonomic B&R control panel centrally located on the machine
  • Central point for production management, monitoring and reporting operations.
  • Minimum operator training required with intuitive interface
  • The extensive use of brushless technology allows most operations to be handled from the HMI.

Preforms Dedusting

  • Hygiene level suitable for chilled product filling
  • Preforms are fed to a rotary dedusting carrousel fitted with diving nozzles spraying filtered air. An extraction unit removes the dust from the area.

Low Maintenance

  • Extensive use of servo-motors
  • Minimal lubricating points

Integration With Filler

  • Unique transfer system converts sequential motion (linear blower) into a continuous motion (rotary filler)
  • Screw based pitch adjustment offers compatibility with ALL Serac fillers