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The Key Elements in determining the right machine

  • Product
  • Container
  • Output

The product to be filled and the container features will determine the filling time of the container. The desired output coupled with the filling time will help to define the minimum number of filling stations needed.

Add to the equation the container dimensions and the result will be the minimum machine size needed to reach the desired goal of Product, Container and Output.

Once the minimum machine size is determined additional variables will need to be discussed. These include capping requirements, market needs and requirements and finally customer characteristics.  


Choosing the Right Machine

Since 1969 Serac has been an innovative leader and designer of precision built filling machines. Over this time we’ve learned there are many attributes that will affect a machine’s precision.  There are product related variations such as density, homogeneity, and viscosity. There are container variations such as weight, stability and size. 

There are also equipment location variations including vibration, temperature and hygienic conditions. All of which need to be considered when choosing the proper filling system.  Our engineers, designers, assemblers and support staff understand these characteristics and this is why we believe Serac net weight filling machines are the best choice. 

Container and product variations influence many aspects of a filling system and Serac’s net weight filling machines to address both of these issues. Our filling machines have the ability to accurately fill many different types of containers (PET, Glass, Aluminum and Metal) and many different product types. There is no need to worry if your product is liquid, foamy, viscous, expanding or even has fruit pieces, our systems can handle all these and more.

The Serac Advantage

As a pioneer in weight filling technology Serac has continually evolved our machines. Over the years we have made many innovations and improvements to our weight filling machines. 

However, the basic principle of weight filling remains constant and is used on all our machines, from our traditional Rotary Net Weight Fillers to the new FC Filler Capper.

Whether the need is to fill a special product, an unusual container or a standard product.  Our team will develop the optimal solution for your filling needs.


Summary of Key Benefits

  • More Accurate
    High accuracy of weighing. No give away, No weight checker required.  Immediate savings on product loss.
  • More Reliable
    No variation of accuracy due to environmental changes: the Serac fillers auto adjust.
  • Faster
    Laminar Flow, Less nozzles, Less parts, Less maintenance.
  • Cleaner
    No contact between the nozzles and the container.
  • More Efficient
    Automatic Clean In Place (CIP) without changing parts, detection of over or under filling, production and traceability reporting.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right equipment for your packaging needs can be a daunting task. There are many factors that need to be considered when selecting the optimal solution. Serac has been designing and building filling and capping equipment for over 45 years and we have the experience and the know how to design and build a machine specifically for your needs.

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