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Review Customer Specs:

  • Feasibility: Determine the risk, find solutions
  • Estimate time and costs of electrical specs
  • Participate in the machine specification:
  •  Be critical and bring previous experience

Electrical design and programming:

  • Find out how to accomplish what the customer is expecting, at the lowest cost
  • Function analysis and cost analysis, i.e., choose the proper level probe technology
  •  Engineering, i.e., optimize the size of the electrical cabinet and I/O
  • Use our standard drawings/programs and experience when needed 
  • Work together with our headquarters in France. Use Serac France’s experience, documents and programs whenever useful
  • When we purchase equipment from a vendor, determine the electrical requirements needed for the spec books that will be forwarded to the vendor
  • Update the electrical check list. Check with the Workshop Manager to ensure that they are completed
  • Update the electrical drawings. Our goal is to ensure that the updated drawings and documentation leave with the machin

Project organization:

  • Use the machine specification document as the follow-up document. Communicate updated information to the Project Manager
  • Follow-up on parts deliveries whenever the Project Manager needs the information
  • Be prompt in communicating all information with the shop so that there are no issues or problems discovered after the fact
  • Report the “debriefing issues” to the Project Manager and follow the action plan

Workshop startup and tests:

  • Test every aspect of the program for all machine functions. Collaborate with the Project Manager. Ensure that the machine is reliable and in top operating condition. Our goal is to have a high quality working machine during every step, not only during the FAT Test (factory acceptance tests)
  • Work together with the Project Manager and the workshop to help schedule the tests. Make decisions and set priorities
  • Bring support to the Project Manager and to the customer during the FAT Test.

After sale organization:

  • Build a clean and organized job folder (Paper folder, electronic folder)
  • Give information on the machine to the Project Manager before it leaves
  • Make a decision with the Project Manager on excess electrical parts. Should they be put into stock, accompany the machine or be discarded


  • Time management: Manage priorities among several projects and several tasks, ask for help when necessary
  • Involvement: Have a positive attitude, be flexible, and motivate other personnel involved in the project
  • Self improvement: Be open minded, accept new challenges and be curious and willing to learn

TEAM PLAYER - Serac Inc. & Serac Group

  • You are a member of the Electrical Engineering team. Be proactive during Engineering meetings and contribute advice and experience to the other electrical team members
  • You are a member of Serac Inc. and, therefore, must interact positively with the other departments in the building
  • You are a member of Serac Group and, therefore, must interact positively with departments in Serac France. 
  • Great importance is placed on having a good and constructive relationship with everybody in the work place.

If you think you meet the requirements and possess the dynamism, please, send your résumé with a cover letter to Please put the position title in the subject line.

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