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Our Capping Solutions 

Differentiation is key when introducing a new product to the market or attempting to gain share. This is why packaging can play a big role in this area. Something as simple as the cap or closure can make a big difference in the consumer market place.

Today manufacturers are relying more and more on modular and versatile packaging equipment. The capping function cannot be overlooked but with the wide range of caps and capping techniques available it is often difficult to determine what equipment will best suit your closure needs. It is important to choose a partner that not only is capable of manufacturing high quality capping equipment but also has the ability to respond to the changes in a fast moving marketplace. 

At Serac, we not only design and manufacture the filling equipment we also design and manufacture the capping equipment. This means we understand how the components must work together for the optimal filling and capping solution.  We design our capping solutions to fit your needs and fully control the maintenance.

All our cappers are designed to ensure:

  • Excellent repeatability and consistency of the capping torques at all speeds.
  • Quick format change-over – a necessity in today’s fast paced market
  • High versatility for multiple capping needs and designs
  • Reliable and smooth handling of the cap with no rotation during pick up to prevent scratching
  • No need for manual torque adjustments with our centralized HMI

The operation of our cappers is similar to our filling machines. Once the container is filled it is then closed or sealed using the required capping or heat sealing process. With over 45 years of experience, we are here to help select the best capping solution for our customer’s requirements.

There are usually several different options or solutions available, each having its own particularities and specifications. All choices must be clearly identified and understood in order to correctly design a solution.  


The capping process is carried out in much the same way as the Serac rotary filling machines operate, employing a continuous travel design using transfer wheels between the operations.

  1. Cap Elevator
  2. Cap Sorter (feeder)
  3. Cap Transfer Chute
  4. Transfer Starwheel
  5. Capping Carousel


Our Offerings

Our eTCS brushless cappers are best suited for high speed oriented screw-on or push-on applications with traceability of the actual torque. This is the choice for most of today’s market requirements.

Brushless or pneumatic, we can advise you on the best technology to suit your application

The pneumatic TCS 4 capper is designed to accomplish many capping operations from screw-on to orientation. A reliable and sound solution for most capping needs.